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Why QuietGreen Technologies?


From Nico Hawkeye, Founder:


"We've been around for a long time - over 40 years. We are sound specialists. Our mission, from the onset, has been that of creating environmentally safe acoustical and thermal materials and eliminating the use of fiberglass or fibers that may expose us to dangerous, airborne particulates. In 1992, the EPA identified fiberglass as a hazardous material, but their mandate has largely been ignored and certainly not highly enforced - until now.


New environmental groups and agencies are aware of fiberglass and mineral wool as a contaminant polluting our environment and affecting our health. The battle lines have been drawn as awareness has become a public topic of concern. It is more widespread than some officials would lead us to believe, following the same cover-up as asbestos use until concealing the threat was no longer able to be hidden from public view. Additionally, HVAC systems using fiberglass air filters contribute to dangerous, airborne particulates contaminating our environments. It is still a common practice to line air ducts and vents with fiberglass to attempt to quiet the HVAC noise. This system also disperses the dangerous particulates. Recent studies show fiberglass has been found in remote areas of the world during air quality testing.


Preventing sick building syndrome and other associated problems is quickly becoming the standard to create a healthy environment. It behooves you to consider QuietGreen Technologies as an ideal 'go-to' solution to avoid future environmental issues. You can avoid being sited, sued or labeled as someone who didn't take air quality into consideration when it was possible to prevent the problem. As advocacy groups organize class-action lawsuits, they seek to unveil the truth about the effects of particulates from glass or mineral wool fibers permeating the air of our homes, offices, places of worship, hospitals. Mistaken often for "allergies" or asthmatic symptoms, tests now show that these respiratory problems are more the effect of irritating, dangerous airborne fibers. 

Our materials are completely environmentally safe, prevent mold and mildew and offer superior acoustical and thermal properties using the sound-tuning method I developed many years ago. We are the only acoustical provider that manufactures and installs our own products, eliminating the need for 'consultants' who specify but do not manufacture or install the recommended products. We don't rely on so-called "experts" to dictate to us. We make the room safe and acoustically perfect; we work with you, as an architect or builder, directly and guarantee our work. We can design any space to provide the proper sound level requirement needed. We design, manufacture and install all of our safe, proprietary, acoustical products. Each interior acoustic product is custom formed and fitted on site, nothing is pre-fab.


Avoiding potential litigation is only one aspect of using safe products. Quality of sound is another. Our proprietary materials, including a track system I designed, creates beautiful upholstered acoustical walls and ceilings, as you will see when you view our image galleries. Notice the exceptional attention to detail, pattern matching and use of textural substrates throughout the many projects shown.


Our work has appeared in more than 300 publications worldwide and more than 50 times in Architectural Digest Magazine. Domestically and internationally, over the past 40 years, we have worked with the most noteworthy architects and interior designers.

Our newest product is a safe, non-fiberglass, thermal insulation material offered as a stand-alone or in conjunction with QuietGreen Technologies acoustical materials. This gives us the unique ability to acoustically and thermally tune exterior and interior walls and ceilings. 


Remember, while you're creating a stunning visual environment, the end result is only as good as the safety and sound quality of the space. 

Reasons to use QuietGreen Technologies:


Theaters, Sound Rooms & Recording Studios: To perfectly acoustically tune the space - the best sound equipment in the world cannot override poor acoustics.

  • Centers of Worship and Live Streaming Production: To fully hear the spoken word safely and clearly and relay simulcasts without distortion or interference.

  • Classrooms and Training Centers: To create a safe, quiet space for concentration and learning.

  • Hospitals and Healing Centers: To clearly hear the spoken work to prevent distractions that lead to improper dispensing of drugs, to promote healing, to prevent exposure to airborne particulates.

  • Hotels and Private Suites: To create a comfortable, quiet environment in conjunction with superior visual, architectural design aspects. 

  • Workspaces: To increase productivity, reduce employee absence from sick building effects, offer security with soundproof conference rooms and increase public awareness by your own good works. 

  • Retail and Public Spaces: To create a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Noise pollution and distractions affect the ability of the public to spend time, therefore spend money! A noisy restaurant or store detracts from a good experience and drives away business.  

  • Command / Control Centers and Secure Conference Rooms: Tsafely create a soundproof environment offering privacy and protection from 'listening ears', electronic and satellite eavesdropping.

We are an affordable solution, offering free acoustical and thermal analysis. We stand behind our products and performance with a lifetime warranty. We engineer, design, manufacture and install all of our proprietary acoustical and thermal insulation system worldwide."

                                                                                                        Nico Hawkeye



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