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The Zika Max Defense Virus Response Testing System

The Hawkeye Global Defense Virus Response Systems (HGD-VRS) are non-invasive systems analyzing the body to determine if someone is infected with a virus such as Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Lymes or other parasitic invaders. 


Dr. Robert Kramer is the Director of this Hawkeye Global initiative. His clinically proven systems

are quite different from any other testing and treatment practices. The results are so precise, they identify not only a virus or organism, such as a micro-parasite in the body, but also the level of intensity and the level of incremental diminishment in the body. 


“Unlike conventional tests able to identify but not correct problems, our processes target specific interferences (foreign invaders that disrupt normal, healthy function), such as the Zika or other viruses, using non-invasive resonance testing, so there is no risk of passing the infection from a clinician to the patient or visa versa.  It’s a safe, proven method of identification and treatment.”     

                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Robert Kramer

Dr. Robert Kramer completed his pre-med studies at Rutgers University and has been in practice for 31 years offering Health Restoration services based on nutrition, chiropractic, and other healing techniques. His personal experience with skin cancer caused by a virus and other health threats identified and treated by this program lead Dr. Kramer to obtain a full understanding of the value of this form of testing and underlying cause identification. Treatment using holistic extracts, natural nutritional supplements and drainage formulas eliminated the underlying cause of Dr. Kramer's cancer and restored his health.


Completing a Masters Training Program in nutritional testing, he finds the underlying hidden cause of illnesses and ailments.  The Virus Response System program identifies hidden bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral causes of illness often otherwise undetectable by standard medical tests and symptom management.  Solutions are designed by applying unique herbal, homeopathic, structural and nutritional solutions. 


Hawkeye Global founder, Kevin Brown, looking for a non-invasive solution to testing and treating engaged Dr. Kramer for his unique skills, ideal in the development of mosquito virus testing and treatment.


In conjunction and exclusively with Hawkeye Global, Dr. Kramer has developed a program to specifically test ingredients shown to repel virus-carrying insects utilizing his Virus Response Testing system. A mosquito-transmitted virus can be identified and forced out of the body and organs by using herbal, homeopathic and nutritional remedies. This same system tests Zika Max Defense formulas to determine efficacy and strengths required to holistically blend ingredients.

Presently, no one really knows what the gestation period of the virus is. Viruses don’t just disappear from your system. Viruses remain and cause harm to the host.  Just as with Lyme's disease and other invaders that take hold and begin a cycle, Zika, and other viruses are able to evolve in the host’s body. These threats can cause microcephaly in vitro or be transmitted through blood like AIDS. They are not simply going to invade then die off without residual effects.  Early testing and elimination of the virus by removing it through Dr. Kramer’s system is far more effective.


The symptoms may stop, but the virus will remain. Once in the bloodstream, the virus may eventually stop being infectious from the host to another but it will remain sequestered in your body, causing you long term health problems. As opposed to the CDC’s recommendations to take aspirin and use mosquito blockers, the Hawkeye Global Defense Virus Response Systems can immediately identify hosts and assault the problem before it becomes more advanced internally or spreads like an infectious disease.


If the “cure” is simply to let the virus symptoms pass through the body or to prevent more mosquito bites, then the problem would, effectively, burn itself out. This is not the case. The Zika virus is a crisis because it's not able to be contained. The mosquito feeding (biting) problem has not effectively been curtailed and the long-term effects have not been studied.  Additionally, the processes being used to try to kill-off Zika mosquitoes have created other toxic health problem effects. Viruses, such as Dengue, cause long-term degenerative health issues such as arthritis.

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