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The Zika Max Defense Product Response System

The Hawkeye Global Defense Product Response Systems (HGD-PRS) systematically analyzes natural ingredients to determine effectiveness towards viruses transmitted by the Aedes agypti or anopheles mosquito or Lyme tick or other parasitic invaders. 


The Zika Max Defense Property Protection System applies the Virus Response Testing system technology to each ingredient to maximize efficacy as singular or blended formulas. Holistic extracts, botanical oils and other natural ingredients are combined as customized formulas to treat infestation and prevent the proliferation of mosquito breeding. 


“Just as health interferences of the body are able to be identified, ingredients are able to be tested to determine efficacy in regard to virus protection from biting insects. Strength levels and ideal combinations of botanical oils, herbal extracts and other natural and organic oils can be formulated with this unique testing method.                                                             Dr. Robert Kramer

Armed with multiple formulations, the Zika Max Defense Property Protection System identifies application locations on a property and assigns the appropriate formula. 


Some blends includes formulas for: 

  • Chlorine water (fountains, for example)

  • Natural water (koi ponds, natural waterways)

  • Landscaping and plants that hold water (bromeliad plants, for example)

  • Ground level areas, 0 - 6' (walkways, seating areas, park benches, each front seating areas)

  • Elevation areas, 6' to 25' and elevation based on location and moisture levels

  • Gutters and rooftops, overhangs and other building cavities

  • Trash collection areas

  • Food service and outdoor food service areas

  • Outer storage buildings and sheds

  • Main complex buildings 

  • Entryways and active air corridor areas

  • General grounds and grasslands

  • Heavily shaded areas

  • General property landscape (natural water collection areas)

  • Perimeter areas (roadside, driveways, parking lots)

  • Ground distances for maximum flight range into the perimeter

These are some of the general areas of application for the natural, environmentally safe formulas and proprietary blends. Some are repellents, some are attractants, some work in conjunction with physical hardware and equipment. Equipment is utilized to capture, attract and monitor insect populations. Unique repellent infused recycled plastic bags and tablecloths are incorporated into food and disposal areas. Special synergistic, holistic extracts blends and additives created by Dr. Kramer are specifically tested to address the climate and conditions indicated. 

This is the specialty of Hawkeye Global Technologies - to create unique, environmentally safe solutions, such as the Zika Max Defense Property Protection Program.

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