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Project Features: Arches, Ceilings, Stairways...

QuietGreen Technologies / QuietRooms Green: Installation expertise and techniques, made possible by a flexible proprietary fabric tension system, brings acoustic perfection to any room or public space.   Of particular importance is the ability to install acoustical panels in difficult areas.

Ceilings, curved areas and archways, inset panels and trim areas, stairways, window perimeters, closets and doors are all vital to complete the space perfectly. 

Pattern and texture matching requires masterful installation skills and a keen understanding   of fabric tension and symmetry. Coordination of fabric alignment with window treatments, doors or closets is the visual 'finishing touch'. 


Elaborate archways often accompany unique architectural environments.        


QuietGreen Technologies incorporates their proprietary flexible track system to create curved forms, small insert areas, dimensional layers and arched forms while maintaining proper tension.

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