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Hawkeye Global Founder, Na "Nico" Hawkeye

The Hawkeye Global founder is a ‘boots on the ground’ inventor, engineer, and humanitarian. 


Nico Hawkeye applies ingenuity and a unique ability to create or re-invent.  Each product category evolved from a concept designed to improve environmental conditions or protect by eliminating a threat. 

Mr. Hawkeye's business career began more than 40 years ago with the introduction of the first non-fiberglass acoustic program designed to replace fiberglass used in acoustic panels. His environmentally safe sound-buffering material, designed to protect people from dangerous fiberglass dust, lead to the development of the QuietRooms Green product line. This includes a proprietary acoustical system able to be contoured to any wall or ceiling shape. This lead to his most recent innovation, a safe insulation product with acoustical qualities and eliminates the need to use fiberglass as insulation. This new product will revolutionize the construction industry. 

Many years spent in countries with environments affected by virus-carrying mosquitoes lead to the development of environmentally and people safe, Zika Max Defense programs targeting dangerous virus-carrying insects affecting the world. Mr. Hawkeye has developed long-term relationships with Presidents, Ministers of Health and other government officials globally and has a major presence in Africa and the Americas. Working closely with the Clinton Foundation during his career has allowed him to facilitate humanitarian efforts worldwide.

As part of his humanitarian interests, Mr. Hawkeye has developed unique farm growing methods and containers, more efficient and earth-friendly than those currently offered. This includes fish farms, aquaponics, hydroponics, and other container-type growing methods. 

Mr. Hawkeye's Hawkeye Global - Solutions Technology company is launching ten revolutionary, innovative products next year.

Along the way, many related products and programs have developed, each carrying the mantra of Hawkeye Global: Feed, Shelter, Heal, Teach, Protect

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