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Creative Technology Development for Real-World Problems

One Source for Total Project Solutions



Development - Planning - Implementation - Management

Hawkeye Global offers commercial and international consulting focused on global sustainability, product solutions, and humanitarian aid. 


Specializing in green engineering, manufacturing, and implementation, Hawkeye Global's unique products are designed in conjunction with specific program models and services, each bringing a new solution and opportunity for a better, safer, Eco-minded result. 


Product solutions are internally developed by Hawkeye Global in conjunction with specifically designed programs. The scope of what Hawkeye Global offers is vast, crossing international boundaries, bringing safe, useful, Eco-beneficial programs to the world.

  • Product Development & Design Specialist

  • Thermal - Acoustical Product Specialist

  • Developing Countries Projects Specialists

  • Fiberglass Removal & Repurposing Programs

  • Sustainable Community Development

  • Natural Fiber Construction Materials Manufacturing

  • Agricultural Eco - Program Development

  • Global Logistics Planning & Implementation

  • Natural, Botanical, Insect Protection Programs

  • Waste to Energy  & Recycling Systems

  • Plastic Biodegradable to Soil Additive

  • Protective Gear & Military Grade Specialists

  • Hydroponics & Aquaponics Programs

  • Water Treatment & Desalination Systems

  • Military Grade Specialists Worldwide

  • Global Shipping Logistics

  • Security Product Development & Implementation

  • Global Rescue & Extractions

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