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Hawkeye Global Has Chosen SeaWolf and Renegade Amphibian Aircraft

to be Our Exclusive World Partners

We can now offer world-class global protection, from border security to environmental protection.


The Renegade Amphibian aircraft offers unique implementation programs utilizing the unique features of the land-sea craft for the Hawkeye Global Mosquito Max Defense program.


     Mosquitoes are the most deadly killer of humans in the world. The  Hawkeye Global Mosquito Max Defense environmental treatment program is designed to eliminate mosquito reproduction by coating standing and slow-moving water surfaces and other breeding environments. Our eco-safe, proprietary, natural formulas prevent mosquito larvae from maturing but does not harm fish, reptiles, pollinating insects, birds or other animals that may come in contact with our formulas. 


     A unique program, utilizing a specially fitted SeaWolf  Amphibian aircraft, properly targets problematic water ponds, swamps, and other mosquito-harboring waterways, no matter the size or location. The SeaWolf Amphibian is a super-versatile aircraft able to move easily between land or water. Take-off is short and tight, allowing access to difficult areas. Unlike "crop-dusting" which is a broad-stroke approach with limited placement control, the SeaWolf surface coverage program is a precise application program, due to SeaWolf's diversity and craft-manageability.  We are able to release our Mosquito Max Defense formula from just above land and water surfaces.  Our proprietary formulas target specific areas to be managed. The SeaWolf Amphibian craft can also release our formulas while trolling through swap or other terrains with surface growths. This ensures proper coverage control and water surface testing without churning up underlying debris or silt.



The SeaWolf craft is able to troll through standing and shallow water environments, allowing direct contact with surfaces for simple and accurate testing. 


Working in conjunction with traditional water vehicles, SeaWolf offers precise placement of monitoring and testing equipment.

The Renegade and SeaWolf aircraft requires minimal runway distances for short land or water take-offs and landings. 

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