Hawkeye Global offers commercial and international consulting focused on global sustainability, product solutions, and humanitarian aid.


Specializing in international product development, project consulting, marketing, green engineering, manufacturing and implementation, Hawkeye Global products and services are designed to benefit and protect. 



International consulting for total project planning offering expertise in technical development, product design and implementation to feed, shelter, heal, teach and protect. Internationally recognized, Hawkeye Global founder, Nico Hawkeye. A proponent of environmental safety, Hawkeye Global products are Eco-solution based. 

HG Solution Based

Consulting Services

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Made in the USA, an FDA approved additive, independently tested, a proprietary formula able to turn any petroleum-based, manmade material into hummus or SOIL..  Eaten by naturally microbes found in landfills, waterways such as the oceans, or compost sites, naturally occurring  

HG Biodegradable-To-Soil

Plastic Additive

We manufacture fiberglass-free, and foam-free safe, thermal and acoustical insulation made from recycled plastic bottles using our Plastics Recycled 2 Permanent Use Technology.  Our safe and sound environments are free of dangerous airborne particulates and life-threatening fiberglass and foam insulation.

HG Safe Thermal & Acoustical Insulation

Fiberglass & Foam Free

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Combating mosquitoes with our proprietary product, dispersed by a specially-outfitted Sea Wolf Amphibious Planes. Multi-purpose aircraft with patented technology is part of Hawkeye Global Aviation.

Hawkeye Global



This safe, non-invasive, proprietary technology is able to stimulate collagen to dramatically tighten skin for a natural-looking, long-lasting effect. Skin Tight Technologies offers an alternative for many cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

HG Safe Skin Tightening  Technologies

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Structural materials made from grain shaft, a byproduct of harvesting. GrainStalk building materials are produced using a mechanical conversion process and replace drywall, roofing, floorboards, and more. Fireproof, thermal and acoustically-sound, this technology has multiple applications to create shelter and other structures without deforestation. 

HG GrainStalk Technology

Building Materials

Ends Tree Deforestation

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Natural formulas designed to safely defend against virus-carrying mosquitoes while preserving the environment defend against  Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses, yellow fever and the Anopheles malaria-carrying mosquito.

HG Mosquito Max

Defense Program

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Color Defender is a unique color scanning system to accurately identify the color of textiles, hard products and any surface with color, Accurately identify and coordinate colors of online products to enhance sales, reduce returns and control inventory. Coordinates colors across multiple products for ideal product management.  

HG Color Defender 

Color Matching Technology

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